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Philosophy (P4C)

 ‘P4C’, or ‘Community of Enquiry’. Philosophy for Children is an exceptionally powerful tool for developing thinking.

It is a collaborative, democratic activity that is of proven value in building self and mutual respect in participants as well as improving the level of their thinking. 

The method is suitable for all KS and functions well across the curriculum.

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Please check out Pauline’s P4C resource packs in  the ’ Publications’ Section of this website.

Engage Brain P4C Training can provide taster/evaluation days and whole-school Sapere Level 1 Training, tailored to the age/stage of your pupils.



An unexamined life is not worth living’


This is what some participants have had to say on first encountering P4C:

‘I feel I know the people in my group much better.’

‘I realise that I must respect what the others say. It’s much more worth listening to than I expected’

‘It makes your brain hurt!’           

 ‘We don’t normally get chance to talk like this.’’

‘We can disagree with each other without having a row!’’

‘I would like to apologise to everyone for messing about at the beginning. This is worth doing’’

‘I need to raise the quality of questioning with my class; they are capable of so much more than I realised.’

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