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Drama for Learning

Drama has the power to reach and engage the brain in a way  that many learning experiences struggle to do.

It can be called ‘affective learning’ in that the emotions and the imagination can be stirred in memorable ways, this is especially true in using drama for writing.

Most recently, SEAL has recognised the power and importance of this subject in developing pupils, and Theatre in Education (TIE) has long been an important contributor in this area.

Pauline has worked in TIE as well as in mainstream schools. Professional tours of her plays have been highly regarded, as have her theatre resource packs and workshops.

The Engage Brain Drama workshops can offer experiences ranging from Drama for Writing to Pantomime to Physical Theatre, and can illuminate for students the work of our playwrights or the inner workings of our own situations.

Work can be tailored to your KS requirements. To discuss

please e-mail:

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